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Episcopal Diocese of VA, Richmond, VA


The Trustees of the Funds (ToTF) is an elected board of Episcopal church members that oversees professionally managed investment funds benefiting the churches and organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Trustees of the Funds is one of the oldest Episcopal Church organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with roots to 1754. The Trustees of the Funds was incorporated in 1892. The first fund, the Widows and Orphans Fund, was formed in 1754 and by 1892 it had been joined by the Disabled Clergy Fund and the Episcopal Fund, all still in existence. Today ToTF manages accounts for approximately 120 churches and 80+ institutions within Virginia.

Notice of Public Meetings – ToTF holds an annual Open Meeting each September. Information on the open meeting and prior meetings is available upon request.


Members of our board bring expertise in investments, law, and business, providing an informed, professional approach to managing the ToTF funds. Our members are active in Episcopal churches across Virginia. All Trustees are vetted by a Diocesan committee for expertise and screened for conflicts of interest. The members are proposed and approved at the Annual Convention.


ToTF Board members (Trustees) serve three year terms, and may be appointed to a second term, with total service not to exceed two consecutive terms.

Currently the ToTF is led by an elected President, a Vice President (beginning in 2022), and Committee Chairs for the Investment, Governance, Marketing and Outreach (beginning 2022) committees. ToTF’s Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, and Chairs of each Committee.

Class of 2023

Janet Osborn, President, (second term), Christ Church, Alexandria
Lana Ingram (second term), St. George’s, Fredericksburg
Keith Dull (second term), St. Stephen’s, Richmond

Class of 2024

Phillip Brown (first term), Christ Church, Saluda
Bob Clarke (first term), St. George’s, Arlington
Alan Gayle (first term), Emmanuel Greenwood
Johnny Milleson (second term), Grace Church, Berryville

Class of 2025

Alan Foster (first term), St. Phillip’s, Richmond
MG Jim Harding (second term), Wicomico Parish Church
William Taylor (first term), St. Paul’s, Charlottesville
Kerry Wade (first term), Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria

Ex Officio

Rt. Reverend Susan Goff, Ecclesiastical Authority
Rev. David Lucey, Rector, St. Francis Church, Great Falls


Rev. Chris Miller, Middle School Chaplain, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School


Lynn Ivey, Executive Director, livey@trusteesofthefunds.org
Kim Henderson, Secretary-Treasurer, khenderson@trusteesofthefunds.org