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Our Funds

The ToTF works with churches and related organizations of Virginia Episcopal Dioceses to achieve both financial performance and capital preservation while acting as stewards of their monetary resources. Assets invested in ToTF portfolios are managed on a day-to-day basis, offering timely decision making and the ability to enhance returns while mitigating risk through agile asset allocation and investment selections. This approach is often unavailable to smaller investors.
The Trustees of the Funds was established to assist parishes and Episcopal Church affiliated organizations invest funds they expected to hold in perpetuity or for some period of years. Our Participants have established individual accounts for charitable giving, building and cemetery maintenance, construction projects, and operating reserve accounts.
ToTF offers three funds in which that churches and organizations can invest to achieve their specific financial objectives:

Short Term Fund
(previously “STAMP”)

Created to provide an option for participants who wanted to earn more on their funds than in a savings account or certificate of deposit.

This fund is designed for those who do not expect to withdraw funds for 2+ years, but who do not want to participate in the equity markets. The balance is invested in fixed income funds with an average maturity of 1.7 years and an average duration of 1.9 years.

This fund is subject to market risk.

Balanced Fund
(previously “Core”)

This fund was established many decades ago, with the objective of providing a conservative investment option for endowment funds and other long-term accounts. It has been invested in a variety of equity, fixed income, real asset, and hedge products.

The trustees manage this fund with the intention of earning a return of 4.5% plus inflation annually. Many churches and organizations rely on the Balanced Fund payouts to cover annual expenses, so the focus is on consistent and reliable results.

The Investment Policy Statement sets the following weighting ranges: 

  • Global Public Equity – 55% – 65%
  • Global Private Equity – 1% – 5%
  • Flexible Capital – 10% – 20%
  • Real Assets – 5% – 15%
  • Bond Exposure – 10% – 20%
  • Short-Term Exposure – 0% – 5%

This fund is subject to market risk.

All Equity Fund

The All-Equity Fund invests in a portfolio of stock index, exchange traded, and actively managed funds, with the goal of maximizing long-term return with minimal costs. This fund was created in response to churches and organizations that are not as concerned with consistent annual results and want to fully participate in the equity markets. Monies in this fund will be invested in 4-6 equity funds, with initial allocations:

  • 70% Domestic Equity
  • 20% International Developed Equity
  • 10% Emerging Market Equity.

The trustees will not manage the All-Equity Fund for an annual payout. All funds will remain fully invested over time. Participants will withdraw funds as they choose.

This fund is subject to market risk.

Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines

The ToTF follows investment guidelines established by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, a subcommittee of the Episcopal Executive Council. These directives are largely guided by recommendations from the ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) with respect to shareholder activism and other socially responsible investment issues.

There are five portfolio restrictions in place based on policies adopted by the Executive Council. The ToTF strives to avoid investments in companies profiting from:

  • Militarism
  • For-profit prisons
  • Tobacco product manufacture and sales
  • Fossil fuels
  • Denial of Human rights